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Who We Are

Maximus Carnivorous

Founder, Dj, producer & entrepreneur

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Digging Deep with an OG hommie!!
Take two  Quaaludes and call me in the m

Maximus Carnivorous was born in Santiago, Chile but found himself quickly becoming a true Californian through surfing, skateboarding, and breakdancing. He first became acquainted with the B-boy LA underground Techno-House music movement in the
early '90s. Music has always been the healer for him.

Maximus became involved as a promoter at an early age for various events in LA. He became obsessed with finding his own sound and so this made him a connoisseur for Electronic music (House & Techno) & Streetwear.

He is a storyteller, a vibe creator spreading a unique sound of MUSIC & LOVE through every journey, from a unique eclectic taste ranging from blues, rock, reggae, dub, disco, funk, house, and techno.

Maximus is dedicated and devoted to the Underground Music Movement.

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